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Avtar Kaur | Germany

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Sweat, Move, Energize! If you don’t get it OUT it will get YOU!
Powerful kriyas to throw of the Stress and the pressure of our Time, tune in into the Cosmic flow so that the light of your True Self can shine!
A Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga workshop with Avtar Kaur from Germany.
Almost 40 years Ago Yogi Bhajan started to train us to prepare for this time we live in now. He gave us an incredible technology to empower ourself and be there for those who would need it. Now the time has come to face the challenges with grit and grace, remaining kind while focused. This time requires from us to have a vision, to be ahead of the times, anticipate and self-initiate ourselves.
The cosmos vibrates permanently, only our false identities restrain us from vibrating in Unisson with It:
This year we are experiencing extreme situations, extreme sensitivity,  extreme need for change. The first change start with getting rid of the old skin, the old patterns, the old attachments to emotions, even attachment to a time that will no longer exist. For this we need to build an inner strength to have the courage to stand up for our true selves. What we bring will make the difference!

Avtar Kaur | Germany
Avtar Kaur has been trained (and schiseld !) by Yogi Bhajan and Shiv Charan Singh, founder of the School of Karam Kriya since 1998. She is Karam Kriya Consultant and trainer, KRI Certified level 2 and trainer in the Aquarian Teacher Academy and teaches Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya in Europe and USA. She specialised in the Women’s teachings and Conscious Pregnancy. Born in France, she lives near Frankfort in Germany with her husband and their 2 children.