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Dharma Singh & Karta Purkh Carola Mehl | Germany & Germany

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In the eye of the storm
Our life is more and more a survival trip in a hurricane. Our mind tries to give us
solutions but we lose energy and stability, we get restless.
This workshop can give you the experience and understanding how to come into the
inner quietness, into the space at the eye of the storm, where we can relax, center ourself and become happy, healthy and holy.
We want to share with you our  keystones.
Day 1:  Heart Awareness and breath ( pranayam) as a key to the inner core
Day 2: Tension Releasing Yoga ( TRY)  deep inner relaxation through practise of heart
and asana awareness . Reach your inner core through the healing practice of asanas in the dynamic light of KY.
Day 3: Trauma Releasing Yoga (TRY) . Specific methods of KY to release traumatic life experiences, by combining heart awareness, asana and pranayam.
Day 4: Celebrate Life: peace prayer day, sing, dance, chant and reflect once more on TRY.

Dharma Singh, Arne Raap Mehl | Germany
Leadtrainer Level 1 and 2, KY Practitioner since 34 years, founder of a spiritual funeral home, founder of Dharmatraining a training to accompany people in crisis, father of 5 children in a patchwork familiy, cofounder of the PranaJio Academy.

Karta Purkh Kaur, Carola Mehl | Germany
Leadtrainer  KY Teachertrainig, runs with her husband the international  Prana jio Academy. She is cofounder of the german Yogatherapytraining. As Yogi, physiotherapist and dipl. Pädagogic for people with special needs she has been working for 35 years as a counceler and healer. She is an arttherapist and leads sweatlodge ceremonies. For her: " healing always needs the mind to serve".