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Hari Karm Kaur | Ecuador

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This workshop is an introduction to Yoga Psychotherapy principles to understand anger and to recognize its relation to your “hidden agenda” and your inner joy. In this dynamic workshop we will integrate Kundalini practices to deconstruct deep mental patterns coming from your childhood that hold you back from evolving within and living an authentic life.

Hari Karm Kaur | Ecuador
Hari Karm Kaur has been practicing and teaching yoga since 2002. Graduated as a Clinical Psychologist (Ecuador) and Yoga Therapist (India), she helps her clients and students to overcome chronic stress that had lead them to deep states of anxiety and depression. She believes that Kundalini Yoga is the best tool to navigate the unconscious and to confront anger by using its energy to reveal the authentic self.
Today she lives in Toulouse, France. She offers group yoga classes, private yoga and psychotherapy sessions and different workshops along the year to deepen your yoga practice.