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Jai Kartar Kaur | Ireland

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The Universe supports you and has planted the seeds of possibility along your path. Seeming coincidences, luck and unexpected opportunity are not to be taken lightly. The subtle signs to follow become obvious when you:
Invite stillness into the velocity of your life.
Create velocity when you are stagnant.
Practise llistening with your heart.
Use the compass of your third eye.
Synchronize and join in the cosmic dance!

Jai Kartar Kaur | Ireland
The spiritual essence of yoga lies at the heart of every Kundalini Yoga class that Jai Kartar Kaur teaches. She has an innate ability to provide what her students need to help them progress on their individual journeys.
Jai Kartar Kaur played an integral role in growing the Irish Kundalini Yoga community. She is a Teacher Trainer and the founder of the Well Within Yoga & Wellness Centre in Ireland. She offers Kundalini Yoga teacher training, Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops throughout Ireland and Europe.