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Jivan Mukta | Finland

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Chirst Consciousness, Kundalini & the Radiant Being
"​Christ Consciousness is when you can live above the five elements, that's the Christ consciousness is. It is a stage of consciousness where you can live in human body but still rise above the polarities of happiness and sadness, positivity and negativity, likes and dislikes" -Yogi Bhajan​
​This workshop is to understand, feel and awaken the consciousness​. 

Jivan Mukta | Finland
Jivan Mukta is a trained humanist in Political Science and History, and a Doctor in Study of Religions. He wrote his Doctoral Dissertation on religious and spiritual experiences with research on the teachings and practices of Yogi Bhajan and his organization (3HO). He is also a Certified Teacher Trainer and Mentor in the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga and a skilful Meditative Healer who travels extensively. His focus and dedication made him a healer and the Program Director of the Meditative Healing Program, as well as the Developer and Lead Trainer of the international Total Man Training ™.​