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The highly sensitive person - embrace the blessing
We are sensitive people. About 20% of us are highly sensitive. Those people have a very sensitive nervous system.  It is not easy to filter all that stimulus in this busy world . Do you already know that we can transform this apparently handicap into a gift, into a talent? And do you  already know that  Kundalini Yoga has great tools to support you in this  process?  It helps you to find more inner peace and emotional balance. Your self-judgement and frustration will transform into  self-love and creativity.  Your soul will vibrate the cosmos, so the cosmos will clear the path.  Are you ready? (Special thanks to Elaine N. Aron, writer of the book: the higly sensitive person)

Raymond "Harmanjot" Vijverberg | Netherlands
Kundalini Yoga helps me to accept and to live my special sensitive gifts. WAHE GURU! I am greatful to teach Kundalini Yoga 10 times a week at different stages since 2011 when I got my Certificate of Training level 1. Special thanks to my lead trainer Shiv Charan Singh.  I am coaching lovely people one-on-one, organising different inspiring workshops, of course also for highly sensitive persons, men's yoga  and  lovely yoga- retreats in different places. I am co-host of a a nice studio in Naaldwijk.