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3HO Europe Events/Activities

3HO Europe organizes, sponsors and networks many events and activities.

Job Opportunity

At present we are looking for a CEO for 3HO Europe, whose job would be networking, promotion, supervising social media, event management and fundraising of the many projects of 3HO Europe. If you are interested, please apply to SatDharm.Khalsa[at] 


The widespread 3HO network of Kundalini Yoga teachers, trainers, and centers in Europe is what brings most participants to the Yoga Festival and White Tantric Yoga.

European Yoga Festival

The largest event organized by 3HO Europe is the European Yoga Festival with close to 2000 participants.

White Tantric courses in Europe

White Tantric Yoga courses in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan are taking place regularly in different European countries.

Land Projects/Ashrams

Finally, there are several landprojects and ashrams, such as La Fontaine in Southern France, and other projects of the 3HO network for those looking for for more intensive contact with the teachings of 3HO and Kundalini Yoga.