It is a simple thing: when you are attached, how can you be universal?

The Yoga Festival bazaar

One of the most charming aspects of the European Yoga Festival is its  bazaar. After the intensive yoga and workshops of  the day, you can leisurely wander along the numerous stalls.

You will enjoy arts and crafts from worldwide, chill out at the Yogi Tea cafe,  discover yoga  related material,  go to the Yogi Bhajan memorial tent and get to meet lots of  friends or relax in the healing square with one of the many treatment methods offered.

Information for sellers and healers

If you want to sell things at the bazaar of the European Yoga Festival or offer healing treatments:
Step 1: Preregister and pay for the Yoga Festival
Step 2: Once you receive the payment confirmation from the Festival contact our bazaar-coordinator eyfbazaar[at] You will be informed  about prices and regulations.
Step 3: once registered at the bazaar and your payment due with the bazaar coordinator, an invoice with a number will be sent via email.The number on the invoice is the number of your stand. Soon before the Festival starts you will receive a mail from the bazaar coordinator with all the informations about your stand position and where to meet on the site.

Rules for the bazaar

Only products and services that respect the teachings of Yogi Bhajan can be sold at the Yoga Festival bazaar, like:

  • Products related to the 3HO lifestyle and Kundalini Yoga
  • Handicrafts and jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Musical instruments
  • Healing treatments
  • Food and beverages with prior approval only - contact eyfbazaar[at]

We will limit the amount of vendors, who sell the same product to keep the variety of the bazaar and not saturate the market. Please inquire when you register if your category is still available.

Please realize that the bazaar is not only a business but a service we give to the community of which the vendor is a part, therefore it is strongly encouraged for the vendors to actively participate in the yoga and all challenges and Karma Yoga of the festival.

The Yoga Festival reserves the right to close down any stand and forbid the sale of any products which are deemed inappropriate to the nature of the Yoga Festival and the bazaar regulations.The regulations will be given to you upon your bazaar request of informations.

Opening hours for the bazaar are 17.00 -22.00 hr. It is important to close in time, because the camp wants to go to sleep. During Peace Prayer Day the bazaar is open all day and  closes at the time of the closing ceremony at app. 23.00 hr.