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The program of the European Yoga Festival 2014

Program starts

Sat. August 2 the program starts with dinner at 15:00 hr and the opening ceremony at 17:00 hr. At 19:45 hr, at the same time as the evening yoga and healing meditation, there will be introductory classes for first-time participants.

Workshop days

From Sun. August 3 through Tue. August 5 there will be Missel (small language-group) meetings and yoga or yoga related classes 3 times a day with internationally known Kundalini Yoga teachers.

White Tantric

The White Tantric Yoga course will begin Wed. August 6 and continue through Fr. August 8. 

Peace Prayer Day

Peace Prayer Day with Missel meetings, workshops, festival highlights and at the end of the day a special peace prayer will be Sat. August 9. 

End of the program

The festival concludes on Sun. August 10 after breakfast.