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Bachitar Kaur
Sukhdev Kaur

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Parents - Teachers for a lifetime. A workshop around conscious parenting based on Kundalini Yoga & Karam Kriya
Parents are the first teachers. As householder yogis, we have the blessing and the challenge to bring our focus, wisdom, character and values to our children. We must transcend our limitations and become channels of truth, yet at the same time keep our feet well grounded and extend our consciousness to the communication with the soul of our children. How can we, as parents provide the best  foundation to our children, so that they can become the saints and heroes of tomorrow? “Remember children are your chance of liberation. They are a gift from God so you can serve the house of Guru forever”. – Yogi Bhajan

Bachitar Kaur | Netherlands
Bachitar Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer, Karam Kriya Consultancy Trainer, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Doula. In 2007 she moved to Rotterdam to start a Kundalini Yoga & Karam Kriya Centre together with her husband. Being a mother of two boys she greatly enjoys the challenge and experience of bringing the consciousness of the teachings to her identity as a parent and to share this with other parents. When her time allows she loves to study Indian Music and burry herself in cook books.

Sukhdev Kaur | Estonia
Sukhdev Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer, student of Karam Kriya, Conscious Pregnancy teacher and doula, and Sat Nam Rasayan healer. In 2004 she moved to Estonia and has been a cornerstone in the building of sangat (spiritual community) in Estonia and the Baltic region, for “it takes a whole sangat to raise a child”. She applies her yogic knowledge in childraising of her son and shares her experiences of practicing the conscious parenting yoga in her blog.