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Amarjit Singh | India

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Vibrating the infinite: your authentic expression
Your authentic expression is not a finite point, it is a condition where there is no resistance to the self. This resistance is what causes all suffering in your life. Through the principles of yoga psychology learn how to recognize, break, and create new patterns of living by understanding the resistance that is holding you back. Learn to align your life with God’s Will, helping you live a more meaningful, fulfilling, and harmonious life.

Amarjit Singh | India
Amarjit Singh has renounced the householder’s life and travels throughout India living in ashrams, monasteries, and caves. He spends a big part of the year in meditation retreats. Amarjit is a writer, Kundalini Yoga instructor, and transformational coach helping people realize their potential. He uses Scientific Hand Analysis to get to the core of a person’s being, Transformational Coaching, based on the principles of yoga psychology, for the encouragement and guidance to live their potential, and Kundalini Yoga Therapy, for the physical and mental attitude to put it into action.