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Ananda Das | India

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Laughter Yoga Known as Hasya Yoga in Sanskrit, is an ancient sacred practice that has changed lives of millions of people. In Laughter yoga we learn to Laugh for no reason just like we did when we were children. This practice is very cathartic which allows us directly to experience no-mind, Laughter Yoga connects us to the fountain of joy and happiness inside that gets suppressed from all the worries and stress of life. It helps us to release a lot of mental and emotional tension that doesn't allow us to be peaceful. By practising this simple sacred art we learn to connect with others without judgementsand open our hearts to feel the unconditional love. It is an extremely simple and effective practice in transforming our life and creating avery positive attitude in whatever we do. Only experiencing it will show you how deeply it touches you in your being and empty out all that disturbs your peace and silence. It has also helped a lot of people with physical and mental problems like depression, insomnia etc, it is also being practised in Old age homes, prisons, blind schools and handicapped organisations etc creating incredible change in the lives of so many people, it also has showed some amazing results and transformation in Hospices(A hospice is a type of medical treatment that take care of people who suffer from an incurable illness). Laughter yoga can be practiced by anyone and everyone.

Ananda Das | India
Ananda Das is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Professor (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and a Certified Laughter Yoga Professor (Laughter Yoga University, Bangalore, India) who comes from a spiritual family of North India. At the age of twenty receiving his first profound spiritual experience through the Grace of his late Enlightened Master Devraha Baba his search for the Self began intensively and took him through many different spiritual paths. Prior to becoming a Kundalini Yoga Professor, he also studied Vipassana meditation and Diksha. Ananda Das is a gifted spiritual guide who imparts this self- knowledge through a lot of intelligent humour and happy vibrant energy. Presently he is based in Spain and travels internationally giving Teacher Trainings and Workshops  of Laughter Yoga And combined with  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.