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Christian Nauel Rey | Switzerland

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Self Medicine Yoga
Self Medecine Yoga is a connexion with our Body Unity, based on a Cell Listening, a Dialogue with our different inner systems, Bones and Organs.
Relaxation, Breathing, Postures and Sound exercices to increase Consciousness and Logical understanding of pain, disease and illness, for helping to heal. 

Christian Nauel Rey | Switzerland
Born in France, from a Gaelic mother and a Swiss father
Yoga teacher, Naturopath, Psychopedagogue, Geobiologist and Biotherapist Knowledge in Ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, Indian and Celtic Medicines
Storyteller, author of the book "Le Couple Sacré" at Recto Verseau editions
27 years of professional experience in Therapy, Massage (different techniques)
in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece and Marocco