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Devinderjit Kaur & Urs Nussbaum & European Gongsters | Germany & Switzerland

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Gong me up!
True fulfilment brings true happiness, which is beyond joy or sadness. Allow gong to call upon your inner voice, to awaken all facets of your being. Flow with it and you can reach anywhere.
Many characterize the gong as the most powerful instrument of sound healing. Played in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan and Nanak Dev Singh, the gong carries you to a realm of no-mind, a sensation of limit-less being whole.
Gong meditation is just the thing for you if you adore sound, trance, and powerful experience. Allow sound wave to open access to infinity in you. Re-set to the state of ultimate potentiality. Lie down, enjoy the gong's overwhelming overtones and just be.

Devinderjit Kaur & Urs Nussbaum & European Gongsters | Germany & Switzerland
Since Devinderjit fell in love with gong meditation, she has been studying and playing the gong as Nanak Dev Singhs mentee. In Hamburg, Germany, she serves as naturopath for psychotherapy and yoga teacher. She is a specialty teachers trainer and teaches white sound gong meditation in Nanak’s heritage.
Urs Nussbaum teaches various classes at WAHE. He focuses on Naad (Gong and Mantra) and stress management, and is in continuous training ever since he started with KY - for lives to come