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Ishwara Kaur | UK

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The Happiness of Women
We search outside for happiness and forget that true happiness comes from within.  We need to learn to ride the waves of our emotions that naturally rise & fall with our menstrual & moon cycles; to give ourselves value; to recognize our power and use it with discernment; to acknowledge that we have many gifts, by virtue of being born as women; to learn to relax.
We will explore what this means and practise yogic techniques to experience the inner happiness.
This workshop is for women only!

Ishwara Kaur | UK
Ishwara Kaur’s teaching is full of humour and depth and often includes live music as she plays the guitar.  She has been exploring, living and sharing Teachings for Women for many years.
Deep transformation in her life has given her an indepth understanding of the challenges and joys of the spiritual path.  She is a full-time trainer of teachers of Kundalini Yoga.