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Patricia Lluvia | Spain/Greece

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Chakradance is an inner journey of self-knowledge and connection. Through Meditation,  spontaneous dance with specific “Vibrational music” that resonates deeply with each of the seven major chakras (energy centers), guided imagery, inner sound expression and mandala creation we reconnect with our true essence.
It improves Confidence and self esteem. Emotional  and physical health. Clarity, Creativity and Inspiration.
To integrate we will enjoy a relaxation with sacred instruments and sounds.
We enter into a dream, The Dream of our Soul

Patricia Lluvia | Spain/Greece
Since 30 yearsI am learning new corporal and spiritual techniques that have helped me to connect with my true essence. For more than 20 yearsI  practice and teach Hatha Yoga and for 10 years Kundalini yoga.
Since 2016 I facilitate Chakradance classes and workshops.
Music and dance are my soul nourishment.
I have created and I share all over the planet several workshops including : "Journey through the Chakras”, a mixture of yoga-meditation-dance-sounds, sensory techniques and self-massage for chakra balance.
"Yoga and self-massage for internal organs »
I am a masseuse of different techniques