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Rameshdeep Kaur & Harbhajan Singh Khalsa | Argentina & USA

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Awaking your happiness in the Sacred Circle
The closer we are to our happiness the closer we are to our soul. Our natural state is joy. Chanting the name of God brings us back to peace and happiness, here and now.
We will do special exercises to connect with that state of joy through kundalini yoga in the Sacred Circle, so we keep transforming together in who we really are: Pure Joy.
“Joy is the essence of success.” Yogi Bhajan.

Rameshdeep Kaur | Argentina
Rameshdeep Kaur Khalsa is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor for adults and children. Certified Chi-Kung teacher and acupuncturist from the Neijing School, Chinese Medicine. She has been teaching children and adults Yoga for over 30 years and wrote two books, one is being translated into many languages, "Yoga Bhajan, games, stories and songs", with yoga cards and music. She is the founder of the Program Yoga Bhajan, Children’s Teachers Training, taking this program to many countries and teaching practical ways to heal your inner child and do yoga with kids. Also does The Sacred Healing Circle with her husband, Harbhajan Singh Khalsa.  She is a musician who compose many beautiful songs, for children and adults. She does Celestial Communication, sharing her Mantra’s CDs profit with the children Hospital in Argentina.

S. S. Harbhajan S Khalsa
Student of Yogi Bhajan for forty years, international healer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, leader in the field of Manual Therapy, Energy Medicine and Emotional work.
He has extensive Clinical experience, and expertise in releasing physical pain and emotional trauma. He practices Craniosacral Therapy, Traumatic brain injury, lymphatic drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reading Akashic Records and Myofacial, Visceral/ Vascular Manipulation, Peripheral Cranial nerves.
He does remote Skypes healing all over the world.
Healer for forty years. He has a private practice in Argentina and in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
S.S.S. Yogi Bhajan stated it that “Harbhajan Singh is a Great Healer.”
Jean Pierre Barral, Barral Institute, stated him as “A Master of Emotional Work”.