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Raymond "Harmanjot" Vijverberg | Netherlands

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The highly sensitive person - embrace the blessing 2.0
We are sensitive people. About 20% of us are highly sensitive. Those people have a very sensitive nervous system.  It is not easy to filter all that stimulus in this busy world . Do you already know that we can transform this apparently handicap into a gift, into a talent? And do you  already know that  Kundalini Yoga has great tools to support you in this  process?  It helps you to find more inner peace and emotional balance. Your self-judgement and frustration will transform into  self-love and creativity. Do you know that happiness is your birthright?   Are you ready to step in and learn more about your special gifts and be happy? (Special thanks to Elaine N. Aron, writer of the book: the highly sensitive person) Read this book! SAT NAM!

Raymond "Harmanjot" Vijverberg | Netherlands
Kundalini Yoga helps me to accept and to live my special sensitive gifts. WAHE GURU! I am greatful to teach Kundalini Yoga 8 times a week at different stages since 2011 when I got my Certificate of Training level 1. Special thanks to my lead trainer Shiv Charan Singh.  I am coaching lovely people one-on-one with yoga-therapy and numerology, organising different inspiring workshops, of course also for highly sensitive persons, men's yoga  and  lovely yoga- retreats in different places. I am co-host of a a nice studio in Naaldwijk.