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Siri Sampuran Kaur | UK

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Open the Heart and Radiate Love to All, for All
When we anchor ourselves, and lead from the heart instead of the head, we are empowered to deal with life challenges in a more centred, connected and graceful way. This is not our circumstances that prevent us to be happy, but our interpretations of them. In the mud grows the lotus and here is the gem. Everything that we attract is in our energetic field. When these attractions are triggering, take ownership, develop a neutral mind to see the blessings and transmute. By opening and raising the vibration of the heart, radiate and magnetise what will serve your Highest Self. Develop an attitude to life where happiness does not depend of your external circumstances but comes from within.

Siri Sampuran Kaur | UK
Siri Sampuran Kaur has practiced Kundalini Yoga for 12 years. She was awarded a teacher Certification in 2010 while pregnant, and was certified as children yoga teacher in 2015.
She currently runs adult workshops, children classes, and she has included therapeutic essential oils for mindfulness, healing and energetic work in some of her sessions.
She also co-ordinates the children camp at the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival, where she envisions the community to support families more and to become the village it takes to raise children.