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Naad and Mantra
Naad Yoga, is what Satkirin lovingly teaches and she performs Kirtan all across the globe. Her warmth and deep experience as a wife and mother is very endearing
to women & men in all stages of life looking for answers and guidence. Satkirin's  TV show is an International broadcast of Kundalini Yoga, on Time Warner Premium Cable, JusPunjabi network. Teaching Naad and Mantra module of TT Level 1 she brings vibrance & a deep understanding of the spiritual sound current, embellishing classes with live music, that gave her mastery in her life and shares in her 17 CD's produced to date. Satkirin will take you on a deep experience of how Naad and rhythm work together to calibrate the ten bodies for the quintessential experience of bliss.

Satkirin Kaur | New York USA
Satkirin trained directly with Yogi Bhajan studying with him since June 1970. Residing in Los Angeles she received direct guidance on Mantra and Shabd. One of the founders of Guru Ram Das Ashram Los Angeles Yogi Bhajan sent her to  New York City to develop the community and establish a Guru Ram Das Gurdwara.