At least twice a year return to nature to be recharged

Triguna Ashram in Berlin Pankow, Germany

The term "Triguna" appears a number of times in important vedic texts, the most recent being the Sikh Ad Granth. The term refers to: Tri-three – guna-states, the three states of being: Physical, Mental, Spiritual or Rajasic, Tamasic, Satvic. In Triguna yoga which is the life principle of the Triguna ashram we seek to balance these three basic energies. Meaning when we use a practice / sadhana to stimulate a guna say Rajguno energy, the power of the physical through the practice of martial arts. And we become the full power of the physical: the only way to control such power is through balance.

And the perfect balance for extreme Rajic energy is Satvic! Meaning to use a sadhana which creates a complementing state of ecstasy. A warrior at the height of his physical in divine ecstasy is the power of God manifested on earth. The act of keeping ourselves in balance is from the Vedic prospective the highest form of yoga and the only way to reach perfection. Another way of understanding the concept of Triguna is in a simple sutra: ”If you have not mastered the body how can you think of mastering the mind? And when the mind has not been mastered spirituality will be unreachable.”

In the moment 12 kids, 12 women, 12 men live in the ashram; 16 flats – one big family. The ground floor provides a kindergarten, two big multi-purpose-rooms for yoga and martial-art-classes, a common room, our prana-kitchen, three Yogitels, a Chai-Lounge-area and a therapy-room. We offer many different treatments from Ayurveda till Homeopathy. The Rooms are available as a teaching center and is ideal for workshops and seminars. The beautiful Multi XL-Room is more than 4 m high and 120 m² large with big windows to the south. In warm weather classes may be held outdoors in the lovely shaded meadow.

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